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General Info

Kickers Rec League General Info

Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club runs the largest recreational league in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Over 250 teams compete in the league from ages 6U through 15U (8th grade).  For more information on the recreational league, please view our FAQ's below.

What teams play in the league?

All Milwaukee Kickers recreational teams from 6U-14/15U (8th grade) participate in the Kickers recreational league - free of cost.  Often times, other outside clubs in Southeastern Wisconsin may choose to enter recreational teams into the league as well.

What divisions does the league have?

The league is divided into "Coed" and "Girls".  There are divisions from 6U - 14/15U (8th grade).  Divisions are divided geographically and also by skill level when possible.

Can clubs outside of Milwaukee Kickers join?

Milwaukee Kickers does make exceptions for outside clubs to enter recreational teams.  If you wish to join the league, please reach out to Director of Club Operations & Administration, Chris McCormick, at for a league application.

Can teams reschedule games?

Yes, absolutely.  There is no window to reschedule games and games can be rescheduled throughout the season.  For our reschedule policy, please visit our policy page found here.

How many games do each teams get?

Each team will get 8 games per season (Fall & Spring).  Each season the team will get 4 home and 4 away games.

Where can I find my schedule?

Schedules often will go live about 2-3 weeks before the season begins.  You can access your league schedule here.  It's often recommended to stay in contact with your coach on any changes to the schedule.

Does the league record scores?

Yes, all scores are recorded and collected.   For 6U-10U, the home team coach/manager will enter the scores after the game as 1-0 for a win/loss or 1-1 for a tie.  For 11U and above, the home team coach/manager will enter the scores after the game as the true game score.  Information on how to enter scores will be sent to the coach/manager before the season begins.

How to record a score in Playmetrics:

1. As a Coach or Team Staffer click on the correct team
2. Click on Games
3. Click on the correct game.
4. Add the scores and save.

Can teams add players if the score is lopsided?

Yes, absolutely.  The recreational league adopted the "5-8" rule in 2019 to help with uneven scorelines.  The 5-8 rule can be found in our Rules page found here.

What are the referee fees?

The referee fees can be found below.  For the recreational league, the HOME team is responsible in paying the entirety of the fees.  Referee fees are often distributed to teams 2-3 weeks before the first game.

Division Center AR's (if applicable)
7U/8U $18 n/a
9U/10U $22 $16 ($32 total)
11U/12U $34 $24 ($48 total)
13U/14-15U $46 $34 ($68 total)

What is Kicknic?

Kicknic is a picnic type atmosphere for all U7 thru U10 Milwaukee Kickers teams that play in the recreational league.  It is typically one of their last games of the season.  After the game is played each player is provided a free lunch meal, an official Kicknic t-shirt as well as inflatables and other activities at Uihlein Soccer Park.

What are the rules?

To visit our full Rules Page, please click here.

How can my team cancel a game?

At times, a team may need to cancel a game due to inclement weather. Any time a game is cancelled, Kyle Trimble (, Jaclyn Garza (, and the opposing team should be notified. After the game has been cancelled, the teams should work on a reschedule with Jaclyn Garza.

How to Contact an Opposing Team for Reschedule/Cancellation?

1. Login to PlayMetrics
2. Navigate to the Messages area (email icon in the upper left corner)
3. Click 'Compose' (upper right white button)
4. Click 'Advanced Selection'
5. Navigate to the 'Coaches' tab
6. Unclick the 'My Team Coaches Only' toggle
7. Select your recipients. Easiest to search by team name. 
**Note that sometimes there are teams with the same team name, but the age group and Kickers Region will be different.**
8. Click 'Save' 
A coaches directory will also be available in PlayMetrics under 'Club Resources.'
Reschedule instructions can be found on our Policies page located here.