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Milwaukee Kickers relies heavily on our volunteer coaches for our robust recreational program - often over 2500 kids. 

Milwaukee Kickers has many talented volunteer coaches with Grassroots licensures and beyond. 

Check out our MKSC Recreational Coaches Curriculum(s) here:

U6 Curriculum

View the MKSC U6 Recreational Curriculum Here.

U7 Curriculum

View the MKSC U7 Recreational Curriculum Here.

U8 Curriculum

View the MKSC U8 Recreational Curriculum Here.

U9 & U10 Curriculum

View the MKSC U9 & U10 Recreational Curriculum Here.

Milwaukee Kickers is dedicated to coaching education and take pride in the ever-growing list of Nationally recognized coaches within the club.  Please see our list below for coaches within the club.

   Coach   License        Program
John Ackerman USSF D Mukwonago
Antoni Apollo USSF D Tosa
Amanda Barske USSF D Mukwonago
Greg Beyer USSF D Tosa
Daniel Carpenter USSF C Union
Kate Carpenter USSF D Union | Nicolet
Calvin Deutsch USSF D Tosa
Steve Dimino USSF D Tosa
Robbie Dubinski USSF D Union | Tosa
Ed Eastman USSF E Falls
Ian Fox USSF D Mukwonago
Alvaro Garcia-Velez USSF D Union
Buddy Gentry USSF D AC Toros 
Fred Hostetler USSF D Falls
Michael King USSF B Union | Whitefish Bay
Pete Knezic USSF B Club DOC
Eric Lee USSF D Mukwonago
Bob Mueller USSF D Mukwonago
Jock Mutschler USSF B Milwaukee East
Eric Natwick USSF D AC Toros | Mukwonago
Aleks Nikolic USSF A Southern United
Brittany Nikolic USSF C AC Toros
David Nikolic USSF B AC Toros
Paul O'Keeffe USSF D Tosa
Juan Ossa USSF D AC Toros
Chico Parisotto USSF D Union | Nicolet
James Rasmussen USSF D Tosa
Steven Richichi USSF D AC Toros
Zach Soderberg USSF C Union
Scott Stein USSF D Falls
Ryan Taylor USSF D Tosa
Oscar Toscano USSF C AC Toros
Ray Tower USSF D Tosa
Tim Winn USSF C Tosa
Ethan Wooster USSF D Tosa