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Milwaukee Kickers relies heavily on our volunteer coaches for our robust recreational program - often over 2500 kids.  Milwaukee Kickers has many talented volunteer coaches with Grassroots licensures and beyond. 

Milwaukee Kickers is dedicated to coaching education and take pride in the evergrowing list of Nationally recognized coaches within the club.  Please see our list below for coaches within the club.

   Coach   License        Program
John Ackerman USSF D Mukwonago
Antoni Apollo USSF D Tosa
Amanda Barske USSF D Mukwonago
Greg Beyer USSF D Tosa
Daniel Carpenter USSF C Academy
Kate Carpenter USSF D Academy | Nicolet
Calvin Deutsch USSF D Tosa
Steve Dimino USSF D Tosa
Robbie Dubinski USSF D Academy | Tosa
Ed Eastman USSF E Falls
Ian Fox USSF D Mukwonago
Alvaro Garcia-Velez USSF D Academy
Buddy Gentry USSF D AC Toros | Southern United
Fred Hostetler USSF D Falls
Michael King USSF B Academy | Whitefish Bay
Pete Knezic USSF B Club DOC
Eric Lee USSF D Mukwonago
Bob Mueller USSF D Mukwonago
Jock Mutschler USSF B Milwaukee East
Eric Natwick USSF D AC Toros | Mukwonago
Aleks Nikolic USSF A Southern United
Brittany Nikolic USSF C AC Toros
David Nikolic USSF B AC Toros
Paul O'Keeffe USSF D Tosa
Juan Ossa USSF D AC Toros
Chico Parisotto USSF D Academy | Nicolet
James Rasmussen USSF D Tosa
Steven Richichi USSF D AC Toros
Zach Soderberg USSF C Academy
Scott Stein USSF D Falls
Ryan Taylor USSF D Tosa
Oscar Toscano USSF C AC Toros
Ray Tower USSF D Tosa
Tim Winn USSF C Tosa
Ethan Wooster USSF D Tosa