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MKSC Team of the Month

Nicolet Mavericks 8U Team

team_picAl Deleon is coaching his team, the Mavericks and is going above and beyond with ways to engage the team and community. He has created a weekly newsletter which he calls the "Goose News" that he sends out once a week during the season. Al created the newsletters because the team is of perfect age to enjoy reading. It was something they started to look forward to reading midweek. Even the parents and grandparents were as eager as the players themselves. The newsletter is something they can read together like the Sunday news.


When it comes to coaching and tying the newsletter into this, Al says, "It was my way of reminding them what worked and what we need to work on. I also think the kids were more receptive since they thought there is an actual reporter on the sidelines. They were more keen on improving a certain aspect of their game because the opinion came from outside the huddle."


During the off season, the Mavericks participate in various soccer programs. They also have an annual Spring Season kick off party which is hosted by one of the parents of the team. Al, the Mavericks, parents, and grandparents can't wait to get back together for another exciting season and they look forward to reading the Goose News each week!


Check out an edition of Goose News Here!