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MKSC Team of the Month


Meet our MKSC Team of the Month, the Milwaukee Kickers South U13 Select Team, Los Tornados! Kickers South started as a region that only offered Recreational programming, but recently they were able to create a select team. Their select players have worked so hard to improve and strengthen their playing style and it definitely shows. Los Tornados is coached by Brandon Sze and Benjamin Guerrero. Coach Brandon started coaching for the Kickers South region in 2017 and Coach Benjamin has coached with Coach Brandon since 2019. Some of his original players that he coached in 2017 are on his current select team now. "It has been fun to watch the kids get to the point where they are now good enough to take their soccer to the next level with select," states Coach Brandon. Coach Brandon and Coach Benjamin have done an exceptional job leading these players and transforming them from a recreational team to a strong, competitive, select team. It is an awesome accomplishment and a great representation of the coaching leadership within our Club.


When asked to share a fun fact about his team Coach Brandon shared, "Our team loves the game of soccer and they have fun playing it! Many of the teammates are friends outside of soccer and hangout which only makes the team dynamic that much greater." Los Tornados is currently 2-1. We have enjoyed watching the players compete at the next level, they are passionate about the game of soccer and their drive to succeed clearly shows. We are excited to watch this team grow!