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MKSC Player Signs Pro Contract

“MKSC helped me get to where I am now. Coach Michael gave me the opportunity to play how I wanted. He was very supportive, all of the coached helped me develop.” On April 15, 2021 Vuk Latinovich officially signed to play soccer for New York City FC. Vuk is 23 years old and was drafted in the 3rd round (71st overall) of the 2021 MLS SuperDraft out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Latinovich grew up with a burning passion for the beautiful game. “Soccer has always been a huge part of my life.” Latinovich’s parents had him kicking a ball as soon as he could walk, which is no surprise, as Latinovich’s father played soccer at Marquette and is a member of the Wisconsin Soccer Association Hall of Fame. Latinovich started playing for the Milwaukee Kickers in 4th grade, he was coached by Coach Michael King. The skills that Latinovich strengthened and developed, while at MKSC, helped form the foundation that prepared him to play professionally. Latinovich stayed with the Kickers until about 10th grade. His love for the game, soccer knowledge, and talent makes him is a standout player. He made a significant impact on the MKSC program.

Vuk Latinovich spent three years playing for Serbian side FK Brodarac and earned a call-up to Serbia’s U-18 National Team. He went on to play college soccer at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, earning First Team All-Horizon League honors in 2019. Shortly after graduating he entered the draft, and the rest is history! When asked how he knew he wanted to go pro, Latinovich responded, “I always had a desire. It had always been a dream of mine. I was excited to be picked in the draft, it was surreal. Especially, because most players don’t get that opportunity.”

Latinovich is currently in New York and extremely busy training. “We practice every day. After games we have the day off. We usually train from 11am-1pm then after practice we sometimes have weight-lifting and individual training. It is a whole different level of play, you have to come to practice ready, and be 100% focused and aware every day.” Latinovich signed as a defender and has performed very well in NYCFC’s preseason.

One thing that has helped Latinovich become a strong player is practicing soccer, on his own, outside of team practices. This is something he did when he was younger and continues to do as a professional. Latinovich is always willing to put the extra time and effort into his passion. When asked what advice he would give to youth players, Latinovich said, “Always make sure to work, push yourself, especially if you have a desire to play at the higher level. Be aware, listen to your coaches, take any advice they give you. It sounds cliché but be the best you you can be.”

Vuk, thank you for the impact you have made on our program, and for being a solid role model and inspiration to our players. You will go far on and off the pitch. Go NYCFC! #MKSCStrong

We also asked Vuk some Rapid-Fire Questions:

Q: Do you have a special routine or superstition before you play a game?
A: I don’t know if this is a superstition, but ever since I was young, I would roll my socks up a specific way.

Q: Favorite shoe?
A: Adidas Predators.

Q: Favorite playing position?
A: Right now, Center Back

Q: Favorite jersey number?
A: #6 is my favorite. Right now, my jersey number is 32, because 3x2= 6

Q: Favorite Icon in Sport?
A: Steven Gerrard- Liverpool

Q: Favorite pregame meal?
A: I’ll eat anything before a game, it doesn’t matter to me

Q: Favorite goal you have score?
A: My Junior year of College I scored the game winning goal against Marquette. It was a header off a free kick. It was an exciting moment, that I will always remember.