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Tyler Peterson

Tyler Peterson

Mikro Director South

About:  Tyler has been one of the Mikro Directors for Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club since 2021.  Prior to his current role, he has been involved in soccer as a referee, a personal trainer as well as a college soccer coach.

Roles & Responsibilities:  Tyler currently oversees the Mikro operations for the Southern areas of Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club.  He oversees the planning of the seasonal Mikro soccer sessions.  He also does all of the hiring and scheduling of all Mikro soccer coaches.

Personal:  Tyler currently resides in Greenfield with his wife and two sons.  He is a passionate fan of Liverpool, Barcelona and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Fun Fact:  Tyler's favorite course in college was Soccer Journalism in Europe, where he stayed in London and Barcelona for a total of three weeks.  He was able to see West Ham live at Upton Park, then went on to see FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou (from the 4th row!).  The class assignment was to preview and review each game as if they were the official clubs' journalists.  Needless to say, Tyler aced that class!

Additional:  Tyler has a M.S. Ed. in Physical Education.