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MKSC & SC Wave Alliance


Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club (MKSC) and SC Wave are excited to announce a new alliance to jointly build teams to compete in the MLS Next level, Girls Academy (GA) level, E64 level, and MWC Club v Club effective for the 2023-2024 seasonal year. 

The main objective of this alliance is to provide a complete player experience that will allow proper levels of programming for all players to enjoy soccer. As the landscape of youth soccer continues to change, clubs must evolve to stay competitive and sustainable. This alliance will help us do just that. We are excited to continue our growth in the youth soccer landscape with this MKSC and SC Wave alliance. 

With any change, there may be uncertainty and questions that may arise, but the goal of both clubs' leadership is to be as open and transparent as possible. MKSC and SC Wave will work to communicate, identify, and work through any potential concerns as they arise. The following information provides some additional details of this alliance, and hopefully answers many questions we know families may have. 

What this alliance means for SC Wave: Through this alliance, SC Wave will expand the competitive talent pool with MKSC elite level players competing for positions on all higher-level teams. In addition to helping maintain and improve the existing SC Wave Elite rosters' competitive strength, this alliance will also help SC Wave expand current programming, present co-branding opportunities, and provide increased tournament revenue by leveraging a broader footprint of facilities. SC Wave recreational play will now participate in all MKSC run and organized  leagues, which reduces travel time for our members and SC Wave costs.
What this alliance means for MKSC: MKSC players will have the opportunity to try out for and compete at the elite level programs SC Wave provides under the new alliance teams. The alliance will give MKSC players a chance to benefit from an elite-level development path beyond what is currently available today. MKSC coaching staff will also have the opportunity to participate at the highest competition levels and benefit from the combined strength of both clubs' training and developmental resources. Further, this alliance will help MKSC expand current tournament revenue by leveraging a broader footprint of facilities and benefit from co-branding opportunities. MKSC recreational and regional play will also have new and more localized competition with SC Wave regional teams to help reduce travel and costs. 

What comes next:
Structure: SC Wave will maintain its existing elite level programming and will begin to create opportunities for MKSC players to participate. SC Wave and MKSC players who are rostered to the elite level teams may also have opportunities to play within their respective Regions as well. Players within both clubs who are not part of the elite level programming may have supplementary opportunities to play with the elite level programming throughout the year. SC Wave and MKSC program offerings that are not elite level, will remain the same as it is today. There will be very little change or disruption to the majority of SC Wave and MKSC players that participate in a Region program. This includes any offerings within SC Wave and MKSC Regions, as well as programs that SC Wave and MKSC may additionally offer.

This alliance will not only increase the competitiveness of our clubs, but will offer developmental opportunities for every child who wishes to play the game of soccer. This move will help create teams that can consistently perform at a national level and create in-house opportunities for all skill levels. This alliance is critical for both clubs' long-term strategies in competing to have the strongest, higher level programming as well as offering price-effective programming for all levels of soccer competition. 

Why MKSC and SC Wave?

Player Development: As member driven organizations, this alliance will facilitate and grow pathways and opportunities for player development as well as maintain and increase competitiveness at the elite levels. Our goal is to be a program known for developing players at all levels, creating a culture of inclusion, and positively impacting our communities. The ability to provide a superior player experience at all levels is our top priority and the purpose of this alliance
Staff Development: The ability to collaborate and provide professional level coaching education will help to strengthen our coaching staff. Coach representation from each club will be an asset to ensure cohesion of our higher level teams. With strong coaching strategies and continues staff development, we believe the player's experience will be the finest in the Milwaukee area. These exclusive coaching opportunities will enable us to retain and attract highly qualified and diverse individuals.
Long-term Projects: An additional benefit of the partnership is the potential to create resources to undertake projects in the future, ranging from development of playing facilities, to providing more scholarships to give greater access to the game for our players and hosting showcase tournament events.

Is this a Merger?

Is it not any sort of merger or acquisition. This is an Alliance between two clubs, SC Wave and MKSC, which will expand the pathway for more elite players and give all levels of players a place to play. It is critical to protect the integrity of each club so the current business operations of each club remain the same. The highest-level programming will simply offer both clubs the ability to provide the most competitive teams in the State of Wisconsin. 

What does this mean for the Spring 2023 Season?

There are no changes for the 2023 spring season. This alliance will go into effect beginning in the fall of the 2023-2024 seasonal year.

In what  League will the teams participate?

The elite level programming SC Wave teams will play in the highest competitions league offered for their respective ages including MLS Next, Girls Academy (GA), E64, and MWS Club v Club. The remainder of the teams will play in Kickers/WYSA offered leagues.

For what age groups will this Alliance be offered?

SC Wave and MKSC will work to identify elite level players throughout all ages. The primary goal of the alliance is to build the strongest teams starting at the 13U.

When will the coaching staff be announced? 

The new coaching staff will be announced in late Spring.