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2018-2019 MKSC Academy 
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2018/2019 MKsc Academy Boy Coaching Staff
U9 (2010) Red                   Gabe Genovesi
U10 (2009) Red                 Gabe Genovesi
U10 (2009) Blue                Gabe Genovesi
U11 (2008) Red                 Michael King/Jeremy Ricca
U12 (2007) Red                 Ricky Sobreira/ Daniel Nogueira
U12 (2007) Blue                Daniel Nogueira/Ricky Sobreira
U13 (2006) Red                 Michael King/Jeremy Ricca
U13 (2006) Blue                Ian Lenhart
U15 (2004) Red                 Daniel Nogueira
U16 (2003) Red                 TBA
U17 (2002) Red                 Chico Parisotto
U18 (2001) Red                 TBA
U19 (2000) Red                 Alvaro Garcia-Velez

2018/2019 MKsc Academy Girls Coaching Staff
U9 (2010) Red                   Daniel Carpenter
U10 (2009) Red                 Daniel Carpenter
U11 (2008) Red                 Celo Fontana/Ian Lenhart
U12 (2007) Red                 Tito Sanabria
U13 (2006) Red                 Celo Fontana/Ricky Sobreira
U13 (2006) Blue                Celo Fontana/Ricky Sobreira
U14 (2005) Red                 MaryBeth Sullivan
U15 (2004) Red                 Pete Knezic/Gabe Genovesi
U16 (2003) Red                 Alvaro Garcia-Velez/Daniel Carpenter
U17 (2002) Red                 Alvaro Garcia-Velez/Nikki
U18 (2001) Red                 Pete Knezic/Gabe Genovesi
U19 (2000) Red                 Pete Knezic/Gabe Genovesi


MKSC Academy is the club-wide Select program of the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club. The program offers year-round teams for U8 - U10 competitive players, year-round select teams for U11 - U14 players, and seasonal programs for U15 - U18 select high school players.


Led by a team of talented and experienced top-level coaches who specialize in individual player development, MKSC Academy provides both a competitive playing experience throughout the Midwest and beyond, and educational instruction in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological components of the game necessary for long-term success. 


Housed at Uihlein Soccer Park, MKSC Academy players have access to a year-round, state-of-the-art training facility that includes: practice fields set up across a 64-acre park, indoor training on three indoor fields, strength and conditioning equipment, and scheduled training and game opportunities on the park’s FieldTurf™ stadium. 

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As Wisconsin’s leader in youth soccer, MKSC Academy is truly a unique program that stands apart from any other Select program in Wisconsin.


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MKSC Academy Coaching Staff

The following list is the MKSC Academy Coaching Staff.  Each of these coaches have experience coaching both boys and girls at high levels, professional or collegiate playing experience, and have a minimum of a D license.

Academy Coaches

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