Rules for 11v11

Adult Summer Outdoor Leagues 
Organized and operated by Uihlein Soccer Park ​

The majority of games will be played at Uihlein Soccer Park. Games that conflict with park hosted events will be moved to other parks and fields. The number of teams will also determine the use of other fields/locations. Our Pat Jones Field and KOHLER Engines Stadium will also be used, specifically for games that will require lights (approximately 8:15pm start time). ​


Schedules will be posted to all appropriate “DASH” accounts and team captains/contacts will be notified when they are completed.  No games will be rescheduled unless it is field or weather related.

All games to be played and the appropriate field assignments will be listed on the main schedule. Uihlein field assignments may change due to playing conditions and field rotation. Schedules will be updated in the DASH system by 2pm each day and posted at in the Daily Schedule section so that players can verify the field assigned. Emails will also be sent through the DASH system to all players on teams affected by a field change.

Participants can also check the Daily Schedule posted at the front doors of the main building and also in the display case at the outdoor press box concessions area upon arrival at Uihlein Soccer Park for field assignments. ​


All leagues will play an 11v11 format with two 45 minute halves. Halftime will be five (5) minutes. All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws with some additional coed rules.

Rosters are limited to 25 players. All players participating in the leagues MUST meet the appropriate age level for the league.  For open age adult leagues, players must be at least 18 years of age.  Every player must have a “DASH” account. This includes a completed online waiver form and a paid Uihlein Soccer Park annual membership ($10 annual fee or $20 maximum per family account). These items need to be handled before a player can participate in any game. ​

Game Sheets will include the list of players and refs will check-in players for all games played at Uihlein.


Coed teams will play with a maximum of seven (7) males or seven (7) females on the field. A team must have a minimum of seven (7) players to start a game. A game can begin with only 2 female players, but then the team must play short-handed. ​


For safety reasons, NO SLIDE TACKLING is permitted. Dangerous play will be called. 


If a player receives a yellow card (caution), he/she must substitute out and remain out of the lineup for ten (10) minutes of playing time. This time period is intended to allow the player to cool off and will help to avoid a red card. Two yellow cards issued to the same player within one game will result in a red card. ​


Any player issued a red card must sit out the remaining minutes of that game and will not be eligible to play for a minimum of one week.  The player will not be allowed to participate in any league games (both indoor & outdoor) that are organized by Uihlein Soccer Park during the time of the suspension. The referee will obtain the player’s name and the incident will be reported in detail to the referee assignor and league coordinator. The full length of the suspension will be determined by the Competition Committee. ​


Teams are responsible for providing their own jerseys. The team listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team and should wear white.  The opposing team should wear a dark color.  All players must wear shin guards.


Team captains should be present at each game and introduce themselves to the referee at the start of the game. If the captain will not be present, he/she should designate a substitute. ​


Each team should be prepared to provide a game ball, properly inflated.


Scores will be collected and standings will be updated weekly by the Uihlein Soccer Park staff. ​

The following point system will be used:

  • Win: three points
  • Tie: one point
  • Loss: zero points


  1. Head to Head
  2. Goal differential (goals for minus goals against)
  3. Fewest goals allowed
  4. Most goals scored
  5. Coin toss ​

A forfeit win will be recorded as a 3-0 score.


Games will be played as long as there is no risk of injury to the players or damage to the fields. A decision on game cancellations and field closures will be made by 2pm on game day. The information will be posted at Games can be canceled on site especially if lightning is in the area. Should a reschedule due to weather or playing conditions be necessary, Jaclyn Theune (414-375-1153, or Dawn Urban (414-375-1152, should be contacted for a new date and field assignment. All teams are expected to play every game on their schedule and NO other reschedules will be considered. ​


Please remember that everyone is involved to have fun and all participants have jobs, other responsibilities and families to return to. Play within the spirit of the program and avoid any unsportsmanlike conduct. Respect the size difference between male and female players and avoid contact with other players. Do not banter with an opponent or show any dissent toward the referee. Problematic players will not be tolerated.