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All adult outdoor league registrations are processed through DASH.

DASH provides easy registration for team contacts and individual players, user friendly payment procedures, individual waiver management, game reminder emails and team communications. 

Team captains can pay the entire team fee when they register the team or have each player pay their portion of the team fee through the system.

Team fees must be paid in full by the registration deadline for any soccer session.

League participants must also become "park members." 
An annual park membership is only $10 per person or $20 for a family!

To create your DASH account, register a team for an indoor league or adult outdoor league, be placed on a team roster as a player or see team schedules Click here ...

Instructions on creating a DASH account:

  1. go to the New Customer Registration section toward the bottom of the page
  2. enter your email and click on the button to the right at advance
  3. complete the required personal information on the next screen - add your children to the account
  4. create your password for the account -  no special format is required
  5. complete the security section at the bottom - this may be difficult to get past.  Ask for a new picture as often as you need to until you can read it.  This section is not cap sensitive either.

Once the initial registration is completed, the system will send you a confirmation email.  You must open this email, click on the link to confirm and then log-in at the top right.  The waiver should be there for you to read and complete by checking the “I HAVE READ” box, entering your password and initials at the bottom of the page. Click ACCEPT to advance.

The system should then redirect you to your personal page.  You’ll see some of your personal information at the top right.  In that same column at the bottom, you’ll find the PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP box.  Click on that box and choose the Individual option if you are adding just yourself and then “add to cart." If you need a family membership, choose that option. Checkout and process the payment using a debit or credit card.  This will complete the steps needed so that you can be added to the proper team and placed on the roster. 

Once you are on the team roster, you will be able to log-in to see your schedule and scores.  You can bookmark the page or from – use the DASH account access button for a shortcut.

Overview of Summer Adult Outdoor Leagues Offered at Uihlein Soccer Park:

Mondays - Coed A/B
Tuesdays - Coed B/C
Thursdays - Coed C level, Coed Over 30 and Men's Open
Fridays - Men's O30 and Men's O40
Sundays - Coed B/C 

Please note:  Teams can roster 25 players.  Players must meet the age requirements for the leagues. Men's Open and regular Coed participants must be at least 18 years of age.  Men's Over 30 and Coed Over 30 players MUST be 30 years old at a minimum and Men's Over 40 players must be 40 years old.

Please be prepared to provide proof of age at any time. It may randomly be asked for. 

Leagues offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday typically begin the first full week of June and end the beginning of August.
MO30/40 groups begin mid-May and run through August.  A Fall session begins after Labor Day with games played Friday evenings and Sundays at various times. 

Majority of games will be played at Uihlein Soccer Park. Off site locations will be used as needed.

MO30 & MO40 2019 Spring/Summer Session:

Friday games
11 games between May 17 and August 23, 2019
No games May 24, July 5 and August 16
Team fees:  $1430 per team
approximately 6:30pm and 8:15pm game times 

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 1


Limited free Miller Lite, High Life and Sprecher Root Beer served at Uihlein after games.

MO30 & MO40 2019 Fall Session:

Friday and Sunday games
6 games between September 6 and October 27, 2019
Team fees:  $780 per team

Fridays will be approximately 6:30pm and 8:15pm game times
Sundays are typically mid/late afternoons and evenings. 

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 21

Registration is open!

Limited free Miller Lite, High Life and Sprecher Root Beer served at Uihlein after games

Coed and Men's Open 2019 Summer Outdoor Session:

June 3 - August 4, 2019
Registration and payment deadline of Thursday, May 16

All days/leagues will play 8 games
No games July 1 - July 7
Game times on weekdays will be 6:30pm and 8:15pm.
Sundays are 3:00pm and 5:00pm starts.
The week of August 5 will be utilized as a make-up week as needed.


Mondays - Coed A & B levels
June 3 - July 29
(No games July 1)
Team fees:  $1040

Tuesdays - Coed B & C levels
June 4 - July 30
(No games July 2)
Team fees:  $1040

Thursdays - Coed C level
June 6 - August 1
(No games July 4)
Team fees:  $1040

Thursdays - Coed Over 30
June 6 - August 1
(No games July 4)
CO30 teams will be absorbed into the Coed C divisions if we can't operate
the grouping on its own due to a shortage of teams.
Team fees:  $1040

Thursdays - Men's Open     
June 6 - August 1
(No games July 4)
Team fees:  $1680 (three person ref crew)

Sundays - Coed B & C levels
June 9 - August 4
(No games July 7)
Team fees:  $1040

- Uihlein Staff will bracket all teams according to the information provided in the registration process and previous standings.

- Limited free Miller Lite, High Life and Sprecher Root Beer served at Uihlein after games
for all Summer Adult Outdoor leagues.

Please contact Dawn at 414-375-1152 with questions.