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Five Questions - MKSC INFC Rec Director Pablo Da Silva

by TGR | Sep 16, 2019
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1. How long have you been MKSC INFC's Rec Director? 

A couple of months

2. What do you find most fulfilling about coaching youth soccer?

Sharing my passion with the kids and being part of the development of their soccer skills and their lives. Watching them being happy while playing soccer, and getting better as a player and, the most important, as a person. 

3. If you have to describe youth soccer in one word it would be. . .?

4. Who is your favorite professional soccer player and why?
At the moment I would say Arthur (Brazilian player who currently plays for Barcelona). Very technical, makes good decisions, and doesn't lose the ball very often.

5. What is something your players would be surprised to learn about you?
I have been in 14 countries to play soccer.