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Five Questions - MKSC Falls Regional Director Ed Eastman

by TGR | Jun 25, 2019

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1. How long have you been MKSC Falls' Regional Director? 
Menomonee Falls has been a Kickers Region for four years. Prior to that, we had a long history as Menomonee Falls Soccer Club. I was President of Menomonee Falls Soccer Club for ten years, and have now been Director of Falls Kickers for the past four years.

2. What do you find most fulfilling about coaching youth soccer?
The smiles. You have to love the smiles on the faces of the kids as they accomplish a skill for the first time, or when they score their first goal, or when they dive into that post-game snack! Winning is always fun, but it is the most fulfilling to see kids enjoy playing the game.

3. If you have to describe youth soccer in one word it would be. . .?
Rewarding. . .rewarding for the players, rewarding for the parents, and rewarding for those (coaches, refs, volunteers, employees) who give their time and energy to making it a worthwhile experience for the kids. It is a game that constantly gives back to those that participate.

4. Who is your favorite professional soccer player and why?
That's easy - Leo Messi. There are a lot of talented players around the world, but I marvel at the quickness of Messi's feet, the balance he maintains with his body and the precise touch he has on the ball. He is not the biggest, fastest or strongest player, but he has refined his talents in very special ways.

5. What is something your players would be surprised to learn about you?
If anyone watched me play, it would not be a surprise. . .but I never played. I grew up in Crawfordsville, Indiana, with eight siblings. There was no soccer there when I was growing up. . .so I am sorry to say I never had the opportunity to play. I have become an avid soccer fan over the past 25 years watching (and coaching) my sons as they fell in love with the sport. It's the world's game, and it is a tie that binds our family.