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Nicki Hauser - My MKSC Internship Experience

by Nicki Hauser | Jul 21, 2017

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with the Milwaukee Kickers. I was told by a family friend that MKSC was a great organization and I should apply there. After interviewing, I realized that MKSC was a great place and I really hoped to get an internship.

From the first day, the MKSC staff was so welcoming and kind.  Everyone is very personable, committed and really cares about MKSC members.  The first week I got to sit in on a staff meeting which got me really excited for the weeks ahead!

The majority of my office hours were spent learning about MKSC sponsors, and sponsorship retention and recruitment. It was very interesting and was also something that I had not done before.  I learned so much about obtaining and maintaining sponsor partnerships, which is something I plan to use in my future career.

For Nicki 2017 Soccer Stars Week Two July 6 076

My favorite activity was to participate as part of the Kickers & Our Community initiative to support the Wisconsin Humane Society in the annual Tails on the Trails event.  An MKSC team participated in the fundraising walk with their dogs to help raise money needed to save the lives of countless pets. It was a great event, especially since MKSC's home Uihlein Soccer Park is dog-friendly, for a great cause. My dog Dunkin enjoyed the day as well!

2017 WI Humane Society Walk Tails on The Trail 008

I am so happy that I had this internship experience. I learned new skills, met great people, supported the community and learned much more about the world's favorite sport.