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Sinead Whitehead - My MKSC Internship Experience

by Sinead Whitehead | May 18, 2017

When I was looking online for advertising internships I found the MKSC social media internship program. I had never heard of the organization before, but it looked like a very interesting opportunity and it was! I am so glad that I was given the chance to learn more about MKSC and my experiences here have taught me so much.

The focus of my internship was social media, but I quickly learned that I would do so much more than that. I gained experience in a variety of different areas, ranging from advertising to event planning. I even worked at the spring tournaments and was able to see the product of all the hard work that goes into this club.

Sitting in on weekly staff meetings gave me a glimpse of all the moving parts that are needed in order to run MKSC. Every person that works here is important and they all work together with excellent communication to reach their goals. They are passionate about what they do and that really showed during tournament season. On top of that, they are the friendliest people in the world and I truly could not have asked for a better organization to intern for.

Sinead2017 SCORES CUP 010

My favorite part of my internship was working at the America SCORES Milwaukee SCORES Cup. This was the first event I worked and the first time my role brought me outside of the office. It was a very fun fundraiser and a huge success. I also really enjoyed creating flyers to promote future events and loved making a contribution to the advertising side of MKSC. It was nice to be able to show my creative side!

I am so grateful for the time I got to spend at MKSC and I believe that the skills I learned will stay with me throughout my future career path.