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Sinead Whitehead - MKSC Intern, Soccer Fan & Sports Enthusiast

by Sinead Whitehead | Mar 28, 2017

My name is Sinéad Whitehead and I am very excited to be interning with the Milwaukee Kickers this spring. I am currently a junior at Marquette University, majoring in advertising with a minor in psychology. I love the creative side of advertising and hope to utilize my creative skills during my internship, as well as along my future career path.


I’m a big fan of soccer, but my personal experience with the sport doesn’t go very far. I played for one season in 4th grade and then decided I preferred watching from the sidelines to being on the field. In 2010 I was living in Cape Town, South Africa, which happened to coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Going to the stadium (picture below of me and my younger sister at the stadium) and seeing how the entire city came together over soccer was incredible. I feel so fortunate to have been there for it.


In high school I found that the pool was where I needed to be. By my senior year I was the swim team team captain and found that my experiences taught me valuable lessons I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.  Learning how to work as a team and take on leadership positions builds character and allowed me to view the world differently. Unfortunately, I gave up swimming once I got to college and my life became more geared towards academics. However, I think having that team mindset I developed goes far beyond sports and into every other situation I find myself in.

I can’t wait to see what my time at Milwaukee Kickers will bring. I am looking forward to learning new things and gaining a new perspective on how the organization is run.