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Michael Stearns - MKSC Intern, Drummer & Sports Enthusiast

by Michael Stearns | Mar 28, 2017

My name is Michael Stearns and I am one of two Social Media, Communications, and Special Events interns this spring. I am a junior at Marquette University majoring in Advertising & Digital Media.

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Hailing from Mundelein, IL, I come from a family of four: my mom, my dad, my brother, and yours truly. Having played organized soccer, baseball, and basketball at my local park district growing up, the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club has given me the chance to promote the opportunities I was fortunate enough to have as a kid: friendship and fun.

While my soccer career was short-lived, playing only two years, I was heavily involved in baseball and basketball on school and feeder teams. Upon entering high school, I put my competitive sports career to rest and took on a new challenge: music. I joined the jazz band, wind ensemble, marching band, and percussion ensemble. I was involved in band throughout grade school, but high school is where I developed my passion for music – more specifically, drumming. As high school concluded, I decided to take my drumming career with me to Marquette, joining the wind ensemble and pep band.


Although my life revolves heavily around music, sports are still an active part of my life. Don’t be surprised to find me playing pick-up basketball at the gym or playing intramural softball on Sunday evenings. Not only are sports still part of my life, but the lessons I learned through them are still resonant. The coaching I received as a kid through sports helped shape who I am today, and many of the friendships I made through sports are still strong. I have my coaches to thank for instilling in me persistence, teamwork, and humility: three characteristics I carry with me in my life and my work.

Our childhood truly creates a foundation for the rest of our lives, so I am thankful to have this opportunity to assist an organization like MKSC in providing such crucial physical and social learning to kids of all ages. The impact involvement in organized sports has had on me is invaluable, so I aspire to share that impact with others and its importance in character development. I can’t wait to start making a difference here at MKSC and will proudly represent what the club stands for. 

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