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Justine Joubert - My MKSC Internship Experience

by Justine Joubert | Nov 16, 2016
My fall internship at the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer
Club is coming to an end and I couldn’t be more
grateful for this amazing experience.

During my time working for the Kickers as a
Social Media/Event Planning Intern, not only
was I able to work special events, I also had the
opportunity to use my graphic design skills to
update and create some of the club’s flyers.

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My favorite memories from my brief time spent among the Milwaukee Kickers’ staff are from the soccer tournaments I had a chance to be a part of. Despite the staff’s diverse positions in the office, it was amazing to see how everyone came together during tournament time to make sure everything went as planned. It made me realize how important it is to be flexible and remain positive no matter the situation.

The highlight of my internship was the WIAA State Boys Tournament. Not only was the weather surprisingly amazing (warm and sunny), but I got to watch my younger cousin score the one and only goal that led Marquette University High School to win the D1 state division.  

In addition to working tournaments and creating flyers, I learned about sponsorships and the club's community outreach programs. Working in and out of the office taught me the importance of time management and communication skills.

Most importantly I learned that teamwork and communication are key to a successful organization. I will miss working among such an energetic and friendly staff, and hope to volunteer for events in the future. Thank you for having me!