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Evan Casey - My MKSC Internship Experience

by Evan Casey | Nov 10, 2016

This fall I had the chance to intern at the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club. Through this experience I was able to see how the team at the club works and operates. I was also able to get real life experience and hands-on training. This experience was like no other, and I am glad I was able to assist the team. 

My internship began in September. My official title was Social Media and Special Events Intern. In this role I was able to take pictures for various tournaments, learn and research how sponsorships work, and write blog posts for the club website. I was also able to work multiple special events, including the WIAA State Boys, WYSA and Kohl's Fall Rec Tournaments.


Many of my favorite memories from these past few weeks have been from working the tournaments, when the real heart and soul of the club comes out. I was able to see every important detail during these events, and at the end of the day I saw the huge difference these small details make.

You might think that being a parking attendant or a field marshal for a day would not be that exciting or eye opening, but it was. Simply being around the staff and seeing how they relate to the teams, coaches, referees, fans and each other was invigorating.

InternEvan2016 WIAA Boys Friday 003

I also found the club's community outreach efforts invigorating because being involved in the community and giving back has always been important to me.

I will miss my time here, but will use the important experiences, skills and the lessons I learned here in the future.