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An exciting finish to an exciting season

by Evan Casey | Nov 10, 2016

The WIAA Boys State Tournament was held at Uihlein Soccer Park last weekend and I was fortunate to be a part of the action by working as a member of the event team.

Throughout the event, I was amazed by what I saw. The caliber of composed and experienced teams was evident, and I saw three things that stood out the most - passion, focus and teamwork.

Passion is important and necessary to perform, and compete, at a high level. It was the passion of the players, fueling the fire of their teams, that helped them get to the tournament and to play competitively throughout. One example of the passion I saw was when I watched a player take over control and the tempo of a game. He used his teammates to help gain momentum, and then kept that momentum until they finally won the game. 

Focus isn’t a quality that is easily learned, a player has to continually pursue it. I saw plenty of players who were very focused, and who were mentally and physically locked in from the second the game started. I saw players who didn’t take their eye off the ball, no matter what. I saw players who were focused on the strategy of the opposing team and used it to gain an advantage.  Focus helped each and every team achieve their goal.

It doesn’t take just one or two players to score a goal. It takes the whole team making it a combined effort. I saw this effort when a team held off another team from scoring for almost 60 minutes and won because of it. The players never gave up, they never quit, and they pushed toward victory because of it.

Watching the competition I was able to see the high level of play that exists within Wisconsin's high school teams. I am proud that the annual event is hosted in Milwaukee at Uihlein Soccer Park, home of the Milwaukee Kickers, and look forward to more of Wisconsin's bright soccer future.

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