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Justine Joubert - MKSC Intern, College Student & Soccer Fan

by Justine Joubert | Sep 23, 2016

Hello! My name is Justine Joubert and I will be interning with the Milwaukee Kickers during the Fall of 2016. I am currently a "Super Senior" at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and will be graduating in December. I am a Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies major and will also be receiving a Digital Art Certificate. I have always had an interest in creative, visual communication and look forward to contributing to the Milwaukee Kickers team the next few months.


I was never a soccer player, but I am a soccer fan. My love for soccer began the day I was born in Lyon, France. Growing up in Europe, soccer was the only sport that mattered. I grew up watching L'Olympique Lyonnais and considered myself a diehard fan. My dad took me to many games, but my fondest memory will always be my very first game at the old Lyon stadium named "Stade Gerlan" (a new stadium was built and is now named Le Stade des Lumieres, meaning the Stadium of the Lights).

Marseille, along with Paris St Germain, is one of Lyon's biggest rivals. This game was supposed to be huge and I was very excited. Shortly after half-time ended it started raining, neither team had scored yet and bored fans started leaving the stadium. My dad could tell I was getting tired, but I wanted to stay and support my team. Time passed and still nothing. We were soaked and my dad decided we should leave before the game ended to avoid the hectic post-game traffic.

On our way out of the stadium, we were surrounded by thousands of disappointed fans who also decided to leave early. All of a sudden, we heard people shouting and cheering. We had no idea what was happening, so we rushed to the nearest screen outside of the stadium to witness L'OL score only seconds away from the end. The crowd went crazy and everyone was ecstatic, cheering and chanting. This remains one of my favorite memories.

After moving to the U.S. in 2005, I realized I wouldn’t be able to follow French soccer as much as I wanted. American football and baseball seemed to be much more important than any other sport, and everyone encouraged me to become a Packers/Brewers fan. Although I respect both sports and teams, I was never able to watch either with as much passion as I watch soccer. 

This past summer I had the chance to travel to Spain with my French family. We spent a day in Barcelona and visited Camp Nou where we took a tour of the entire stadium. We got to spend some time in the trophy room, we walked through the team's locker room and, most importantly, we got to touch the field Messi has played on. It was an incredible experience.


My family loves soccer, my cousins play for Marquette High School and both of them have traveled the world to play with their clubs. I am lucky to have found a boyfriend who enjoys watching soccer as much as I do and despite my everlasting love for L'Olympique Lyonnais, I have now become a Liverpool fan thanks to him.