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Evan Casey - MKSC Intern, College Student & Team Player

by Evan Casey | Sep 23, 2016

My name is Evan Casey and I am very excited to be interning at the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club this semester. I look forward to assisting with the Club's marketing, social media and special events.

I am currently attending The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee as a senior, and am pursuing a degree in the Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations department. Upon graduation I hope to find a career within a Journalism or Public Relations field.


I grew up playing a variety of sports including football, baseball, basketball, and yes, soccer. I have great memories of being involved in sports teams at a young age. I started off playing baseball at my Youth Sports League in Racine at the age of 6, and continued in the program until I started playing baseball in high school. I remember enjoying preparing for the games with my team and being able to play the sports I loved with my friends. Over the years, I see the ways that practice has paid off and how the lessons my coaches taught me affected the way I played on the field. I was also able to form and build relationships that last.

Being able to practice and learn important lessons such as teamwork and encouragement has stuck with me throughout my life. That being said, I cannot wait to help and learn more about the many ways that the Club positively impacts and supports those it serves.