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Katelyn Stamas - MKSC Intern, Soccer Player, Sports Video Producer

by Katelyn Stamas | Jun 07, 2016

Greetings! My name is Katelyn Stamas and I am an intern with the Milwaukee Kickers for the summer of 2016. This summer I will begin creating video content for the MKSC youtube page and assisting in various special events.


The first time the MKSC came into my life was 2nd grade when I played on an all girls team and continued for a couple of years in elementary school. I recall having a great time and really loving the game which lead me to pick it back up and play again in high school. Despite my short size of 5' 2", I was the goalie during high school and used my ability to jump like a spider monkey in order to defend the goal from those tall shots! I really enjoyed playing the game and interning through the Kickers is a way that my soccer experience comes full circle. 


Currently, I am going to college for Digital Media which consists of film and TV production in hopes of one day directing my own films and becoming a late night host. I have immersed myself in the craft and am trying to obtain knowledge wherever possible and continue to hone my skills through various platforms. While still early in my college career I want to gain experiences through channels such as entertainment, news, and sports so I can learn to create content for all forms of media. 

I am very excited for the people I will meet this summer and being able to learn how an organization like the Milwaukee Kickers is run so successfully. I'll see you on the field (probably with a camera)!