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Positivity always wins

by Trevor Budewitz | Apr 27, 2016

 “Show leadership. Show discipline. Show industriousness. The person you are is the person your child will become.”
–John Wooden, UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach (1948-1975)

Parents of youth athletes are faced with difficult challenges every day. Determining the right course of action to use with your child is a tough task. It can also be hard to find ways to increase performance on the field without overwhelming them beyond their abilities.

Here are some good parenting characteristics to consider whether on the soccer sideline or at home.

Cheer for your child even through adversity or failure. Emphasize being a good sport and playing by the rules. Show that you do not follow a “win at all costs” mentality. Mistakes will happen, it’s how you react to them that matters.

Communicate with each other to help set realistic goals and push your child to strive for them. Also, give them daily encouragement to follow through on their commitments and hard work.

Above all, maintain composure on the sideline and always show respect for opponents, officials and coaches.

Leading by example will result in your player's growth, enthusiasm and fun for all.