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England Blog #8 - A unique fan experience at Aston Villa vs Chelsea match

by Max Wiberg | Apr 06, 2016

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Saturday, April 2nd
Blog Entry By: MKSC Academy Player Max Wiberg

Saturday was our last full day in England and everyone was excited to end the busy week with one more professional game.

After breakfast we packed up and got in the bus to head to Birmingham to see the Chelsea v. Aston Villa game. The game was at Aston Villa's home stadium, Villa Park.


Aston Villas Villa Park

Aston Villa, being in last place in the Premier League and having only won three games in 31 played, was not a very competitive opponent to Chelsea and the game ended Chelsea 4-0 Aston Villa.

Throughout the game the Villa fans were booing their own players and holding up signs showing their frustration towards a Villa team that has not shown any heart all season. The booing and protesting culminated in the 74th minute when many of the Villa fans held up signs reading "Proud history, what future?" and then folded the signs into paper airplanes and threw them onto the field. For the rest of the game, the Villa fans ignored the game and watched as everyone tried to throw their paper airplane the farthest.

All in all, it was a very unique experience attending a game where the home team is facing relegation after a nightmare season and seeing the frustration of the fans who definitely made their voices heard. After the final whistle, we drove back to the Cobham Hilton where we had our farewell team dinner. After that, we watched the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game on TV and went to bed prepared to fly home Sunday morning.

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