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England Blog #1 - The Flight & The First Match

by Players Colin Harris & Quinn Perry | Mar 28, 2016
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Friday, March 25th
Blog Entry By: MKSC Academy Player Colin Harris

My name is Colin Harris and I am a member of the MKSC Academy Team that has traveled to England to train with professional coaches and to witness the game at the highest level. As part of the team that also went last year, I decided to go again this year because I enjoyed the experience so much. Now let's get down to the things that matter most, our daily activities.


After departing from Chicago O'Hare Airport at roughly 9:00 p.m. Friday, we arrived at London's Heathrow Airport at about 7:55 Saturday morning. After a seemingly endless line at Customs, we made it through and found our bus. 

Sleepily, we arrived at the Hilton Cobham Hotel to meet our new friends/guides, Barry and Mike. They explained the trip in greater, exciting detail and how we would be able to compare ourselves to top-level competition in England. Following our introductions we had lunch at the hotel and then headed to the local Haithwaite Stadium to watch the electric local soccer (football) team take on a rival team. The match was rainy, but exciting and incredible all the same ending in a closely contested 1-1 draw.

Following that incredible experience, we stopped at a Tesco (local grocery store) to stock-up on snacks and then headed back to the hotel to catch up on some much needed rest (the clocks in England moved ahead one hour tonight).

Thanks for reading about our "brilliant" trip to England so far and we, myself and my teammates, hope you continue to read our blogs throughout the week because we have a lot more to share with you.

Saturday, March 26th
Blog Entry By: MKSC Academy Player Quinn Perry

Today was our official first full day in England. We got
off the plane and went to our hotel to settle in for a few hours.
Then, we went to Haithwaite Stadium and watched Woking FC v
KidderMinster FC play in the mist.



As my teammate Colin shared, the game ended in an exciting 1-1 draw.

We ended our day back at the hotel watching the England v Germany match as a team. It was a great first day, of many to come, in England!

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