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Trevor Budewitz - MKSC Intern, College Student & College Athlete

by Trevor Budewitz | Mar 02, 2016

“The purpose of sport is not only to involve athletes in physical competition, but also connect and lead the athletes to achieve higher mental, emotional and social skills. An athlete cannot achieve their highest athletic potential when neglecting to train even one of these areas.”  
- Trevor Budewitz


My name is Trevor Budewitz and I am currently a social media, communication and special event intern for MKSC. I am also a Sport Business major at Concordia University Wisconsin. Through my education I have learned to understand sport from a business perspective as well as appreciate the time and skill it takes to play a sport.

In my life, the sport I have learned the most from is tennis. I started playing tennis as a freshman at Watertown High School and have enjoyed almost every moment I got to spend on the court. Even in a loss tennis had a way of allowing me to see my strengths and weaknesses, and challenged me to improve. After four fun years of playing in high school I was given the opportunity to play collegiately for Concordia. The experiences on the court and with my teammates over the years have been some of the most memorable in my life. It would be nearly impossible to trade away any of the friendships, experiences, and lessons I have learned.

In the sport of tennis there are three main areas that have benefited me far beyond the physical training. Over my seven years of playing I have learned the importance of strategy, focus and teamwork. These traits are critical to the game as it requires a great deal of finesse.

The mental aspect of tennis is almost more important than the actual playing. A good plan as well as an understanding of your game and your opponents can be a huge advantage. When I play a match one of the first things I do is analyze my opponent. To do this I ask myself, “What are their strengths and weaknesses? What will I need to do to win?” Making a plan helps me play to my ability and remain focused.

As important as strategy is in tennis, so is focus. I would define focus in tennis as emotional determination. Tennis can be a very frustrating sport and it can be tempting to show it by smacking the ball against the fence or throwing your racket. While this may let off some steam, it shows your opponent you are weak. On the other hand, it can also be dangerous to get too high on your game, over confident in your abilities. Keep your emotions on the court neutral and show your opponent you mean business.

Lastly, I find teamwork to be an important part of tennis as well. In singles play I rely on my teammates to help me improve in practice and for encouragement during matches. In doubles play (as shown in the photo below with my doubles partner Ben) it is important to be communicating with my partner and make sure we are on the same page.


Whether it’s tennis or soccer, the influence of sport greatly surpasses physical performance and develops positive skills that can be used throughout one’s life.