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MKSC Player ID Program Launch

by Alison Cefalu | Dec 29, 2015

We are excited to announce that MKSC has launched a new MKSC Player ID Program.

The program is specifically designed for MKSC U9 and U10 players who have a solid soccer foundation and love for the game. It will enhance their skills, with other like-minded players, and grow their talent. Attending the training sessions will not interfere with any player's regional team practice or training. The sessions will give players new tactical, technical, and physical skills to improve their Soccer IQ.

The first group of players was identified by MKSC Coaching Staff during the Kohl’s Fall Rec tournament in October. Recommendations were also made by individual coaches and MKSC Regions Director of Coaching. The group will meet again in February and April, and program instructors plan to invite more players following the Kohl’s Spring Rec tournament in May for a training session this summer.

MKSC U9 and U10 players, representing 11 MKSC Regions, met and teamed up to learn new skills and have fun at Uihlein Soccer during the program launch on December 29th.

Members of the first MKSC Player ID Program group included. . .

Cropped2015 MKSC Player ID Program Dec 29 Session 105 Best Girls Group Photo

Brown Deer; Alexa N, Naomi R, Kaitlyn F, Germantown; Hannah U, Muskego; Anna D, New Berlin; Gracie N, Marin K, Amelia S, Riley H, Haley P, Macy M, Sara S, Lauren S, Nicolet; Cecilia W, Kayden S, Kia O, Lauren G, Charlotte G, Grace D, Lily S, Muriel P, Taylor T, Jenna K, Drew D, Southwest; Nadia P, Wauwatosa; Marley Z, Isabella R

Cropped2015 MKSC Player ID Program Dec 29 Session 061 Best Boys Group Photo

Brown Deer;
Drew H, Kobe A, INFC; Andrew E, Michael S, Menomonee Falls; Kobe S, Drew M, Nolan A, Nolan W, Midwest; Aiden Y, Jeremiah S, Tyson M, April C, 
New Berlin; Chase F, Colin K, Dario V, Evan B, Blake F, Henry L, Mateo N, Evan K, William G, James C, Cayden R, Nicolet; James E, Thomas H, Southeast; Braden K, Jayden S, Vinny K, Patrick J, Riley Z, Ziek B, Southwest; Ben L, Benjamin M, Patrick M, Brady M, Anthony Z, Wauwatosa; William S, Jon A, Ethan CH, Steven T

For more information about this by invitation program, contact Amanda Camilli or Alison Cefalu.