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Nicole Hutchins - My MKSC Internship Experience

by Nicole Hutchins | Nov 24, 2015

Being involved in an organization where kids discover the love they have for their sport made it the most enjoyable experience of working for the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club (MKSC).

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I would walk around during soccer tournaments, and see the smiles and passion these kids shared. They thrived every moment they got on the field. I realized this was a place more than where soccer was played. It was a place where these players, coaches, and fans came not only to support the game but also to support the passion and love found within the game of soccer.

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Working for MKSC brought me a great amount of insight into the different aspects and perspectives there are in the sports industry. Having little knowledge of the soccer world, I found it exciting to be a part of something new and different. It took me some time to learn everything that was happening within the office, but I caught on quickly.

The dynamics of MKSC were inviting and made me excited for what the semester had in store. It is not everyday that someone will work with your schedule when you are a student-athlete so I knew it would be an opportunity that I could not pass up.

Everyday I came into work knowing I would have the opportunity to relate my life in athletics to the many young kids dreaming of using their athletic skills to achieve something positive and important to them. 

The MKSC experience is one that I will always remember, thank you!