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Believe In Yourself & You Will Succeed

by Nicole Hutchins | Nov 19, 2015

High school athletics are a time in your career when you really start to develop your athletic ability and realize what the sport means to you.  Tournaments like the WIAA Boys State Championship bring together some of Wisconsin’s most elite and talented soccer players, and offers the opportunity for players and schools to show the talent they have.

Knowing you worked hard all season to be a part of such an exciting event and knowing you put yourself in a position to succeed brings lots of excitement to you and your teammates.

The older you get, the more intense the game becomes. With all the intensity that comes with being an athlete, it’s sometimes easy to forget what the game means to you and the love you share for your sport. At those moments, take a step back and ask yourself, “why am I here?” Make sure it is always because YOU want to be, not because other people are telling you that you have to be. Hard work and determination are two important factors to being the best player you can be, and those qualities have to come from within.

Every successful player realizes there are going to be times when they need to take risks. To outplay someone, you must go above and beyond what they think you’ll do. Become unpredictable. More times than not, the risks you take open up the opportunity to go beyond your talents.

The most important thing when it comes to soccer, or any athletic pursuit, is to believe in yourself. Believe that the risks you take, the work you put in and the love you have for your sport will help shape you into the best player you can be. When you step on the field, you need to tell yourself that you will succeed so that you can.