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Players Develop New Skills, Improve Play

by Austin Drake | Nov 18, 2015

Last week, the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club kicked off the first session of MKSC Soccer School. Formerly the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club Youth Soccer Academy, the renamed program offers indoor training sessions for players age 6-12.

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Hosted at Uihlein Soccer Park, the sessions aim to help the players develop consistent soccer skills by incorporating group as well as individual supervision. The experienced coaching staff includes Marcelo Fontana, Michael King, Pete Knezic, Paul Sanchez and Chris McCormick. I asked some of the coaches to share their thoughts and observations about the first week.

"The first two sessions of MKSC Soccer School went well. We focused on passing, dribbling, shooting, and playing during each session. Occasionally we will have the kids work on goalkeeping and agility/fitness. We have a wide range of playing ability in the school this year. Our goal is to help everyone improve their level and have fun doing so." Coach Michael King

"The training format is unique in that it is fast paced and the kids are in groups that are rotated between different stations. The stations are typically between 9 and 13 minutes long. This allows for the stations to have impact without the kids becoming bored or losing focus. They also come to learn that the time goes quick and they seem to really dial in and get a lot out of the training." Coach Paul Sanchez

"I’ve been teaching the Kickers dribbling moves. That really helps players concentrate on footwork, balance and body movement. The first week I worked on the Cha, Cha, Cha (moving your feet from side to side in front of the ball), Mathews (drill that focuses on shifting weight and having good balance), and the scissors step over move. The players really worked hard and improved at these skills during the sessions." Coach Pete Knezic

 “I focused on the fitness/scrimmage aspect of the sessions. We balance a structured and disciplined approach with a fun atmosphere for the kids.  From class to class, you can really see the players develop.” - Coach Chris McCormick

Information about the upcoming January/February session that will be held at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex (Franklin) can be found here.