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Abby Wambach Visits Uihlein Soccer Park

by Nicole Hutchins | Nov 17, 2015

Thank you to Time Warner Cable SportsChannel for capturing this very special day for some very special kids. To watch the brief event video, click here now.

“I believe that people are people and we are all equal. I know I have been a part of lessening the gap in that way. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something." - Abby Wambach (during Q&A portion of event at Uihlein Soccer Park)

2015 Abby Wambach at USP TOPSoccer Event 386

Abby Wambach is more than a famous soccer player. She is an icon, a leader, and a believer, not only in the soccer industry but also in life. She believes in things bigger than her sport. Soccer is what gave Wambach the insight and knowledge into the bigger issues, but those experiences are driving her to change the world one step at a time.

Compressed2015 Abby Wambach at USP TOPSoccer Event 078

I was given the opportunity to meet Wambach when she came to Milwaukee (I'm pictured with her in the photo below) for the “Playing for Kicks with Abby Wambach” fundraising event for TOPSoccer and Soccer Across America hosted at Uihlein Soccer Park on November 14th.


It was incredible to witness the energy and passion she brought to the event, and to the kids who all aspire to be like her one day. Her passion for soccer and the positive influence she has on youth players is what truly makes her not only one of the best athletes in history, but the universal role model she is to so many people.

FB2015 Abby Wambach at USP TOPSoccer Event 398

Abby Wambach is truly an inspiration. It is not every day you have the opportunity to be touched by someone of her prominence, but it is a moment I will remember forever. I only hope after listening to her that I can change the world in just a fraction of the way she hopes to.

FB2015 Abby Wambach at USP TOPSoccer Event 306