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Soccer Fields Named For A Leader In The Field

by TGR | Nov 04, 2015

“Children gain many things from playing soccer besides learning to play the sport and enjoying it. They learn to work cooperatively in a group of their peers, set both group and individual goals and work hard to achieve them. They learn to develop persistence and learn to handle winning and losing in positive ways, and gain valuable leadership skills. All of these lessons will serve them in life as well as in soccer.” – Mark Horowitz


In recognition of Mark Horowitz's soccer influence and impact on Milwaukee's East Side, the soccer fields at Lake Park (2975 N. Lake Park Rd.) were officially named "Horowitz Fields” on November 1st as MKSC members and community soccer advocates participated in the field naming dedication ceremony in his honor.


Horowitz, a retired MPS teacher and well-respected Milwaukee County resident, has been a long-time supporter of MKSC in the following ways:

Volunteered as Director of the MKSC Milwaukee East Region (recruited volunteer coaches, organized practices, scheduled team games, maintained fields)

Served as MKSC Board of Director for Milwaukee East Region

Named “Kicker of the Year” (1994)

Named “Coach of the Year” (2000 & 2001)

Inducted into the MKSC Hall of Fame (2012)

Horowitz’s MKSC contributions as well as those within the County resulted in this acknowledgement that is memorialized at the site of the fields with a plaque that reads:


With respect and gratitude, we congratulate Mark on this well-deserved honor.