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Losing Doesn't Always Equal Loss

by Nicole Hutchins | Oct 27, 2015

It is easy, in the competitive society we live in, for people to interpret losing a game to bad playing. That should never be the case regardless of what level you participate. 

We celebrate winning, we praise winning, we thrive to win, but unfortunately (in most cases) someone has to lose. When we lose, we need to be able to stay confident in ourselves and our team mates, and find ways to improve for the next game.

Losing is never going to be fun, but it is the way you bounce back from a loss that will make you a true winner. If you lose, you strive to be better. Every time you step on the field, you play for you and your team. That is all that matters.

Winning is an amazing feeling, but losing should never define you as an athlete.

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