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A Practice Tool for Your Kicker

by Austin Drake | Oct 13, 2015

The release of one of EA Sports' more popular titles, FIFA 2016, has generated a lot of excitement in the soccer world. 


A fun and interactive game, FIFA is also a great way to find out more about your favorite teams and players. However, it seems that many people are not only playing the game for fun. While practicing soccer in real life has no substitute, there are some practical reasons why you may want to play.

The game features many different interactive drills, techniques, and coaching options. Here are some of the benefits a study completed at a FIFA Interactive World Cup Event highlighted:

- Many users, when interviewed, stated that their overall understanding of soccer tactics increased from playing the game. Before a match is started, players are given the option of customizing the formation of the team they are playing with. This gives a player the experience of setting up a team in a way they may not have seen before.

- Other users stated that they were able to learn new skill moves and find new ways to train from playing the game. FIFA 2016 offers “skill games” in which users can practice their virtual use of shooting, passing, defending, and trick moves.

- Other benefits players listed included field vision, player awareness on the field, and first touch. The overall takeaway was that players were able to visualize what they had experienced in the video game, and then transfer it to the field in real life.

While spending endless hours playing FIFA will most likely not help your overall play, many small improvements can be taken away from simulating actual field play. The most important thing for a soccer player is to practice all of these skill sets on their own. A ball at your feet cannot be substituted by a controller in your hand. However, it can be beneficial to keep your soccer IQ in mind while spending downtime playing FIFA 2016.