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England Blog #6 - Final Days, Lasting Memories

by Three Authors - Listed per date/entry | Apr 07, 2015

Friday, April 3rd 
(Author - MKSC Board President & MKSC Academy Player Parent Steve Harris)

Friday began with sightseeing and a chance to learn more about England's history and Royal Family at Windsor Castle. It provided the boys with a good mix of old and new English experiences, and was enjoyed by all.

After lunch, we were scheduled to play a match versus Aldershot Town FC Academy. Unfortunately, the Club was hit by the flu bug and unable to field a team for us to compete against.

Undaunted, Coach King and our Adidas trip management team were able to schedule an alternate match against Ash Academy. They were a big, strong, physical team that intimidated our boys for the first 10 minutes or so as they attacked hard knocking players off the ball and created a swollen, bruised cheekbone on one of our players.

At halftime, it was 4-0 for Ash. Our boys pressed hard in the second half, getting off five attempts on goal. However, they weren't able to finish and MKSC's heavy pressing made them vulnerable in the backfield. The match ended 7-0. Despite the result, Oscar (our goalie) was voted "Man of the Match" by the referees due to some fantastic saves.

Our boys (pictured below in a team photo with Tottenham Hotspur Trainers from earlier in our trip) learned a lot from this match including the value of communication, physical play, always being on your toes and ready to make a move, and surveying the field before you have the ball so you can make fast decisions once you receive the ball.


Saturday, April 4th
(Author - Coach King)

Our second to last day in England started with taking in more famous sights around London including Buckingham PalaceBig Ben and Westminster Abbey followed by a traditional fish and chips lunch.

Next up, the Chelsea versus Stoke premier league match. Our tickets were in the visiting Stoke fan section and we were exposed to a song that Stoke fans sing on a regular basis. Some of the words were very hard to understand due to their northern English accent and we were not allowed to cheer when Chelsea scored (Chelsea won 2-1).

Sunday, April 5th
(Author - Player Joey Kaberlein)

Our last day began with a farewell breakfast where we, as a team, thanked our main trip guide Alec and gave him a Milwaukee Kickers jacket to remember us by. Then it was off to the airport to head back home after a fantastic trip.

(Author - Coach King)

We all had a great time in England, and took home memories and lessons that will last a lifetime. Thank you for letting us share some of them with you.

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