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What's Futsal?

by User Not Found | Nov 24, 2014

Check out this Futsal highlight video! 

MKsc Coach Michael King answered a couple of my questions about Futsal, and why it is important to play during the winter season. 

What is Futsal? 
MK- Futsal is a variation of soccer which is played on a small basketball-like court. Unlike most indoor soccer games, Futsal is played with sidelines and no boards. Four field players and one goalkeeper make up the team. 

AC- Does anything else make Futsal unique? 
MK- The only other difference is the use of a smaller, heavier ball, that bounces less than a normal soccer ball. 

AC-Why is it important for your team to play during the winter? 
MK- The more touches a player has with the soccer ball and in game situations, the quicker players will improve. Being able to play during the winter months will give teams a jump on the competition come outdoor in the spring. 

 To join a Futsal league through MKSC, CLICK HERE!