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"Changing the Game"- Keeping it Cool on the Sidelines

by User Not Found | Nov 17, 2014

Does this look familiar? While positive cheering adds to the thrill and excitement of the game, some things you say might actually be hindering your child’s soccer development.

MKSC Staff coach Paul Sanchez reflects on the fall season and shares a few things he wants parents and coaches to remember on the sidelines;

1. Keep your cheering positive! You might actually be sending your child a mix message from what their coach actually wants them to do. Great alternatives, “Keep working hard!” “You’re doing awesome!” “Great job using your right and left feet!"

2. Sometimes the score does not always reflect a good game. Are players connecting passes, communicating, playing great defense? Those are measures of a successful match, not just the fastest kid on the team scoring 10 goals.

3. It is okay to make mistakes! Soccer is a beautiful game, but it is far from perfect at any level. Enjoy the progress your team is showing week to week.

John O’Sullivan, founder of the Game Changer Project, best selling author, coach, and parent, gives a powerful TED Talk with an important message. Click Here to make your sideline experience a more memorable one for you and your soccer player.