MKSC High School League


MKSC High School League 

All high school age players (U15-U18), U14 Rec Players, Coaches and Parents, are you interested in staying active with soccer in the off-season but unable to commit to a select or academy program? Then we have an option for you - the MKSC High School League!   

Coaches in MKSC Southwest and MKSC South Regions have designed a program specifically for high school players who are looking to stay active with soccer, but also have the flexibility to accommodate busy high school schedules, including other sports and activities. 

The Spring program developed for the Southwest Region includes multiple training opportunities throughout the week, open play on Friday nights and games scheduled on the weekends. Although, moving forward, each region can develop a plan that works best to fit their players’ needs. Teams were comprised of a pool of U15-U18 players who trained and played together. The league consisted of eight teams, but we hope to increase that number for next season. 

We are also developing a Fall/Winter program for players. The Fall program provides an opportunity for open play soccer on Saturday mornings.  In addition, we are currently working on a Winter Futsal League for our region. However, our goal for next year would be to have enough participation from other regions to form a Winter HS Futsal League at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin.   

Our vision for the MKSC High School League is the continuation of the U14 soccer program throughout high school to U18. We believe that players who are unable to pursue select or academy soccer programs should have an option to continue league play. 

So we are asking coaches to inform their U14 teams that can return in Winter/Spring 2017, to ask parents and players to consider the MKSC High School League in the off-season to stay in soccer shape, and to continue training/playing soccer throughout the year. We are also asking Regional Directors to reach out to U14 coaches from last season to let them know that this option is available for their teams/players to return this coming Spring. 

For additional information or questions regarding this league, contact MKSC Southwest Regional Director, Jim Berner at or MKSC Southwest HS Coach, Steve Scherrer at

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